Sisaala union issues warning against party vigilante, footsoldier activities
The Sisaala Union, which is the mother body of all branch Unions and Associations all over the country and some parts of the globe; as part of its convention always hold its annual conference home, in any of its major traditional communities.
This is to enable all the Sisaala kinsmen around the world who called home in the last month of the year to congregate at the annual conference for the duty bearers such as, political leadership, some state institutions, traditional authorities, youth and other opinion leaders to account for their stewardship and to also bring out some of the developmental challenges for brainstorming and the way forward.

Reacting to some of the issues that came up for discussion, the president of the Union, Prof. Roger Kanton stated without any ambiguity, the abhorrent position of the Union against the activities of political vigilantism. He stated 'What had happened in one of our districts is a blot to our long held enviable record of peace loving people and had tarnished the ethnic name of the Sisaalas. And as Sisaalas we need to develop a never again from this experience.

Henceforth if anybody is intoxicated with the liquor of beans, even if that exist should never try this ignoble act in our land especially in Tumu. If you dare we shall smoke you out from your hideout for traditional sanctioning before the laws of the nation comes to continue dealing with you'.

Prof. Roger advised the youth and political party players to recourse to the laws of the state and its institutions in seeking redress to their differences or grievances. He also joined other speakers to appeal to his kinsmen for a united Sisaala front behind the traditional and political leadership in order to give them the necessary authority to lobby for development for the Sisaala land.

He added that, Sisaalas should close their ranks in ironing out their differences when the need arise.