Department of social welfare and community development carries out community engagement in five communities on conflict resolution

The Department of Social Welfare and Community Development (SWCD) has been actively engaged in promoting peaceful coexistence and healthy lifestyles in rural communities. In a recent initiative, the department organized a community engagement program in five communities in the Sissala East Municipal Assembly to tackle conflict resolution.


On November 5, 2022, SWCD formed and trained 10 Conflict Resolution Committee Members in the Municipality from various communities. These committee members were trained on effective conflict resolution strategies to prevent disputes from escalating into serious conflicts or wars that could negatively impact their daily activities.


The primary objective of the initiative was to promote peace and healthy lifestyles among rural dwellers, leading to the fight against poverty and malnutrition. The training program was designed to equip committee members with the necessary skills and knowledge to resolve conflicts and disputes among community members.


It is noteworthy that the SWCD's community outreach program was fully funded by the USAID RING II G2G System Strengthening initiative. The support from USAID was instrumental in enabling the SWCD to effectively execute the program and achieve its objectives.