2021 National Farmers Day Celebration- Municipal Version

2021 National Farmers Day Celebration- Municipal Version

The 37th Municipal version of the national farmers’ day was celebrated at Tumu on the 6th of November, 2021 with the theme Planting for food and Jobs – Consolidating Food Systems in Ghana”. It was a day set aside by the government to honour our gallant farmers and those in the production chain.

Farmers were awarded with various prizes according to their merits. Various categories of stakeholders in the Municipal, including farmers and other collaborators, contributed in various ways to make it a successful one. This is the write-up report on the events and the finances expended for event. 


In all, One hundred and thirty-three (133) prizes were awarded comprising; One hundred and five (105) ground awards, twenty-four (24) major awards, One (1) FBO award and three (3) awards to staffs of the Department of Agriculture.


4.2 List of items received from the Sissala East Municipal Assembly

The Sssala East Municipal Assembly provided some items towards the celebration of the 37th farmers’ celebration. 

6.0 Conclusion

All the committees performed their various tasks very well. Turn-out was good, development partners provided their expertise and support to make the celebration a memorable one.

There was excellent support and participation. Good patronage by farmers was registered from surrounding communities of Tumu.


7.0 Challenges

·       Funds released for the farmers day celebration was not enough

·       Inadequate support from decentralized departments under the Assembly

·       Delay on the part of SEMA in planning towards the celebration of this national activity


8.0 Recommendations


1.     SEMA should prioritize the National Farmers’ Day celebration ahead of other activities they deem necessary.

2.     The categories of items for awardees especially the best Agric. Extension Agent awards should be improved upon.

3.      Bicycles given to awardees should be replaced with roofing sheets.